Maintenance costs are increasingly expensive. They need to be considered with respect to  proposals for shared equity schemes and rent regulation. Unless the social housing supply is  increased, a failure to consider maintenance costs in rent regulation could reduce rental  accommodation supply or trigger sales that lead to rent increases. 

The proposals in the How Proposition List therefore focus on how to:

  • remove obstacles to increasing the social housing and general housing supply in a way that  can be sensitive to historic and natural environment
  • decouple Andium rents from rents in the private sector.

The How Proposition list includes proposals to:  

  • Provide more independence to Andium by reconstituting as a housing trust and  manager of partially owned government housing 
  • Treasury to adjust terms of loan provision to Andium so that margin over interest  can be reinvested in social housing and to investigate use of States/public sector  pension funds to invest in local social housing  
  • Dissolve States of Jersey Development Company to enable development of  suitable land by Andium for public housing at no additional cost to Andium 
  • Amend competition law to allow collaboration between Andium and housing trusts to produce plan for additional social housing (retaining provisions that target prejudicial cartel arrangements)  
  • Have designated conservation areas in St Helier coupled with selective property  delisting plans in St Helier to help preserve character areas while enabling new social  housing development.  
  • Establish an independent strategic delivery panel for improved public transport  provision (which could help support removal of requirement for new housing in St  Helier to include parking provision) 
  • Affordable housing sites to be compulsorily purchased by government before on selling with agreed pricing/development concept plan. To include pod housing for  those just leaving home. Affordable gateway to be less restrictive.  
  • Implement tax disincentive (administered through Parishes) on second  homes/abandoned accommodation if not rented out with allowances for reasonable  renovation breaks or absence for health reasons 
  • Reduce stamp duty by removal costs for downsizers. 

In addition, How Proposition list proposals in other areas should help to alleviate the crisis as  follows: 

  • Improved supply chain should reduce construction costs (see EDD reform) 
  • Improved mental health care and addiction treatment should assist in addressing  many homeless.  
  • Improved economy/job opportunities and increased social housing supply (and  reduced building supply costs) should increase ability to afford housing. 
  • Improved public property management and improved economic planning should  release more sites for housing