The massive and costly infrastructure project for the new hospital is unlikely to boost the  economy without increasing staffing and construction worker accommodation problems.  Meanwhile, health management problems continue and need to be addressed.

The How Proposition List seeks:  

  • The reinstatement of a modular plan for the hospital, as supported by the original  Atkins report, before the location became a political football. This would entail  building a new building (casualty and in patients) ideally using undeveloped land  (the Waterfront remains access friendly and should be re-considered in the first  instance with alternative land found for housing). 
  • Hospital services including recruitment and procurement to be run by an  independent trust formed in Jersey and independent health provider. This would lead to government acting as watchdog. Government also to provide administrative support to, as opposed to management of, clinicians. 
  • Establishment of a strategic delivery panel led by: 
    • Local clinicians 
    • Local representatives of primary care 
    • Local third sector organisations delivering health care  
  • appointed by the States Assembly to 
    • reframe Jersey Care Model to maximise collaboration between  stakeholders 
    • apply best known global practices/research and innovation in a manner  most suitable for a small island 

with a focus on creating an open learning environment throughout the health  sector.

  • Health to be combined with Wellbeing (Sports and Leisure Facilities) and  Environmental Management