I am:

  • an Oxford law graduate qualified in English and Jersey law,
  • a former tax lawyer in the City of London;
  • a former partner and director of major local law firm and administrative services provider, Mourant, specialising in corporate structures and finance and publicly described as ‘top notch in finance’
  • a trainer in leadership and communication skills, who has worked with people from all backgrounds and, voluntarily, with a number of local charities, and
  • a good listener who cares about community.


I have lived in Jersey for over 25 years in the Parishes of St Ouen, St Clement and, with my partner of ten years, Philip, more lately in the Parish of St Brelade. I have worked mainly in St Helier.

In my recent role as Chairman of the St Brelade’s Bay Association, I have campaigned for improved enforcement of States Assembly measures to protect public enjoyment of one of the Island’s best known recreation areas. That activity has taught me that all areas of government need clearer vision and joined-up thinking.


‘Silo mentality’ and short-term thinking have led to the Island’s limited resources and some of its public finances being spectacularly mis-managed. Hard-working States employees, who have been neglected by top-heavy management, now fear for their jobs.

To add to the Island’s problems:

  • The cost of living and housing keeps rising while the Island’s democracy and natural environment is disintegrating.
  • Local businesses are being saddled with stealth taxes, random tax hikes and an overload of regulation while essential States workers fear for their jobs.
  • Immigration has been inadequately controlled while alternative ways of supporting the Island’s aging population have not been explored sufficiently.
  • Insufficient investment is being made in building career paths for the Island’s younger people to maximise their ability to contribute towards the Island’s future.

The Council of Ministers and the Island’s public sector have been too keen on:

  • seeking English solutions to Island problems, even when those solutions have been shown to create their own problems
  • engaging UK consultants at great public expense rather than more effectively and cheaply using local knowledge, resources and skills — much of which is available voluntarily.


Our greatest resources are our people, scenic beauty, heritage and community spirit. We have what we need to prosper but only if we have good leadership.

I support helping those who need it and being proactive in breaking the poverty cycle. I also am aware of the need to handle finances responsibly, avoiding unnecessary duplication of resources.

Changes need to be made to ensure community support where it is really needed, with user-friendly service and the pockets of taxpayers firmly in mind.

I believe my ability to understand complex issues and the value of teamwork can help get our Island back on track.